Key features of PureHT™ include:

  • Innovative, eco-friendly formula with zero environmental impact.
  • Matte finish for a natural and stylish appearance.
  • Superior workability, comparable to the EasyWeed® line.
  • Layerable design for versatile customization options.
  • 100% recyclable polyester carrier for sustainable use.


The product is REACH compliant.
The product is DIN EN 13432:2000-12, ASTM D 6400:2023-03, and DIN EN 14995:2007-03 certified.

The product is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I.
The product is certified VeganOK.


PureHT™ represents a significant breakthrough in eco-friendly manufacturing. Unlike traditional materials, our compostable solution naturally decomposes through microbial activity, returning to the environment within just 180 days. This process leaves no harmful residues or negative environmental impacts.

PureHT stands out by meeting rigorous eco-friendly standards and holding certifications such as DIN EN 13432:2000-12, ASTM D 6400:2023-03, and DIN EN 14995:2007-03. These certifications underscore the product’s safe and efficient degradation in composting facilities, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifecycle.

Available colors

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